What is StudyHall?
PreLicenseTraining.com's StudyHall prepares students for the state insurance license exam, which is required in order to obtain an insurance license. Once you sign up, you are given access for a full 7 consecutive days to our selection of sample exams. Each exam has been carefully prepared by top insurance professionals in order to give you the best study experience possible. Each question contains a rationale for the answer so that you increase your understanding of the material. Practice taking one of our multiple final exams or study specific topics with quizzes such as Auto, Property, Code & Ethics, Commercial & WC, General, and Miscellaneous. All quizzes and final exams are timed and graded, and you are able to view the correct rationales for each question. Practice, practice, practice is the key! The StudyHall is your advantage when preparing to take your states insurance exam. You may extend StudyHall access time for our discounted extension price up to three times. After the third time you will be charged full price for extending StudyHall access per course.
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