May I go forward and backward at any time during the course?
You may go backward at any time for review purposes. You may move forward in order of the course one section at a time. Once you have entered a section you may navigate back to that section at any time. You must complete each chapter is sequential fashion, you cannot skip over a chapter until you have already completed it (there is no specific time requirement per section so you can move as fast or as slow as you would like on an individual section basis). The Department of Insurance requires you spend X hours in each course before you can print a certificate. X hours varies depending on the course you have selected. If you reach the end of a course without meeting the D.O.I's time requirements you will be provided with a time-sheet of your time spent in each section and quizzes and how much time left you must spend to satisfy D.O.I requirements. You can finish your required time in any of the course sections.
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