Whats New in 2024


As always we will keep you informed on any changes that happen within the state licensing department and we continually update all of our material to include all the latest changes in the law.

California Department of Insurance:
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  • All Prelicensetraining.com course material and test tips has been updated to reflect new 2024 laws and learning objectives. Beware of other providers with outdated material!
  • Extra Credit - Just like in schools, students are offered the opportunity to undertake optional work in order to gain additional credit that would boost their grades so PLT Extra Credit provides extra quizzes and extra final exams in a timed simulator designed to amplify your test taking ability and give you extra practice to boost your chances of passing your State license exams. Students who are highly capable may benefit from the additional challenge of extra practice exams. Our "Extra Credit" is a FREE add on within your StudyHall.
  • Flashcards - Want to really test your skills? Take any exam from a different perspective! With this option you will only be shown each question without the multiple choice answers. When you feel you know the answer flip over the flashcard to reveal the correct answer. Test-taking takes on a whole new dynamic when you forgo seeing possible answers up-front.
  • Test Readiness Chart - Prelicense readiness chart is a graphical representation of the average student readiness for the state exam based on multiple factors including prelicense course, studyhall and videocram results and progression.
  • Revamped FAQ system integrated with new livechat and knowledge base
  • Achievements - Receive achievements for goals and progress made during course study and quiz taking
  • New 2024 licensed list for Mentors & Recruiters.
  • Over 250 new questions have been quizzes.
  • Take your own chapter notes and print them out for later use.
  • New site adapts to your devices screen size automatically for optimized viewing whether on a PC or a phone and anything in-between.