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Jan writes:
Just wanted to say thanks, I passed my test earlier this month and it was way easier than I imagined. I was a licensed agent a while back and then left my family's business for a few years and didn't keep up my CE. Just because you understand insurance does not mean you can pass the test- What really helped me were the tests at the end of chapters and then the Study Hall tests. They prepped me to understand exactly what was being asked. I made myself read every question at least 3 times while taking to test and actually caught my incorrect answer twice!!! Thanks! I will recommend your program and also use it to keep up on my CE's this time-
Billy E writes:
I can't speak highly enough about the P&C prep. I passed my CA exam yesterday. The video cram course is spot on. There were at least 5 questions verbatim out of the video. Please let the instructor no they seemed to hit Inland Marine, occurence/claims made differences, and 2 questions on flippin Pet insurance now. One is what exclusions are Pet insurers limited to and the other had to do with agent fines for pet insurance sales violations--probably generic fines but curve balled with pet insurance.
Dawn N. writes:
Spent about 3 months going over the material online and taking tests over and over. Test was harder then I imagined but I knew enough to pass! Thank you!
Sandra writes:
I choose your school because you guys are the only school that offers a guarantee to pass but I didn't even need to use it since I passed my exam today with an 82%. Tell Lynn and Sarah in the Student Support department - Thanks so so much for their assistance. They are Awesome!
Maan Cho writes:
I passed my Life, Accident & Health first take. You will never have to look for any other practice test. The sections discussed on each topic are exactly those that'll appear on the exam. It may not be as exact but if you read each section, page by page then you can answer whatever question that'll appear on your state exam. Excellent School!!!...I've recommended prelicense training to 2 of my friends.
Christopher W writes:
Passed on my first try. This site definitely works!
Adrineh Davoodi writes:
This is a great course and it was very helpful and easy to learn thank you
Luis writes:
This course tells you everything you need to know to pass your test to get your license.
Jan writes:
I signed up for the course 2/23, finished the course on 2/28 and passed my test 3/4. The videos, audio, and script, the course made passing my test easy. Thank you.
Bennard A writes:
Took my California Life & Health Combo 10/30/15 and rocked it! 86% on my first try! Long story short...I finished my test in under an hour AND the proctor looked stunned that I scored that high in such a short amount of time (literally she looked twice at my score compared to the time). Everyone I spoke to testing that day said that they weren't ready for Health (they were doing Life Only) because of it's difficulty and would never want to do the combo test. I recommended to the people that failed that day (which sadly was most of them)and will always recommend in the future! Working full time, taking care of a sick spouse, 3 kids and being a full time and a half father still being able to pass with a score like that speaks VOLUMES about your training program! Thanks again!
Jim Knott writes:
I took the final exam for the Life license today. Got 5 wrong out of 150!!
Ken writes:
Five Stars!!
Terry writes:
I passed both the P&C and Life exams the first try. Thanks for the study guides - they worked for me.
Edgar Rodriguez writes:
Thanks PLT I just passed my Life Agent test. The courses enabled me to pass the CA Life, accident and health exam on the first time without the need of a cram course. Thanks so much for providing me the necessary material to pass the exam!
Adam K writes:
I signed up for the crash course for property and casualty California. I wasn't feeling confident enough with only having 52 hours of training from a different company, so I went for it. GOOD CHOICE. The crash course gave me tips, pointers and example questions of what to expect. As I took my test, questions would pop up specifically noted from the crash course. Perfect. I passed the test comfortably. I recommend anyone go for it who needs more practice right before the test.
Robert Boyd writes:
Passed on the first try. It wouldn't have happened without your program! I had been dreading sitting in a classroom for a week and losing all that time at work. This just worked around my schedule, I could stop at any time and restart when I had the chance. Well done, helpful and convienient. I look forward to using you for all my CE requirements.
Felixia writes:
This course is straight forward. The quizzes definitely helped after each section.
Luis writes:
Very Thorough!
Barbara writes:
Barbara gives it five stars!
Tamara writes:
Chuck writes:
Thanks for the encouragement. I got online immediately after completing the course on Tuesday, applied by FAST Application, selected Thursday to take the test (2 days later), joined Study Hall, and spent all of Wednesday going over the tests and finals. I completed the tests and one final once and the other two finals I went over twice. I took and passed the test this morning and am very happy to have used your services. You have your website dialed in and it is a pleasure to have things go so smoothly. Thanks for the help.
Wilbert Lee. writes:
Just want to let you know that I took the Accident & Health Exam this week and passed the test on the first time. Your online training course was awesome. The study material, study hall exams and video cram course was excellent.
Craig L.- Farmers Insurance writes:
Passed both my P&C and Life/Health, each on the first try! Thank you so much for the great program and test-taking strategies. Far and above the best program out there!!
Jesse writes:
Thanks for the StudyHall practice test format. It made the difference in passing my California Life Agent test. Licensed Life Agent.
Franklin writes:
Awesome course. Very easy to navigate, and has me confident that with some thorough reviewing of the course material, I "shall" pass on my first attempt. I will keep you posted. Good luck to everyone embarking on the journey. Definitely a convenient way to get your prep work done.
Bin writes:
5 stars!!
Rod writes:
This course is amazing! I took the Personal Lines Broker test and passed on the first try! I was a little nervous because the site that administered the test had a online practice test and it was completely different from Pre License Training. However, when I actually sat down and started to take the state exam, I found that it was exactly what Pre License Training teaches you and prepares you for. I would STRONGLY suggest purchasing the study hall and video cram course. Thanks again Pre License Training!!
Hagop writes:
highly recommended
Krista T. writes:
A big thank you to!
I passed my Personal Lines exam yesterday afternoon on the first try and I couldn't have done it without this website! I found the Study Hall to be worth the money, and the classes were at a very reasonable price for my college student budget! I have already referred PreLicenseTraining to another person interested in getting his license. Thank you again!
Shaun writes:
I feel that this is an essential part of training. Nothing quite replaces practice exams.
Great system to learn the details and major concepts need to become a license agent. Thanks for the added bonuses they are great.
Luis Roldan writes:
I have taken various types of online courses and many have failed to deliver the content that is needed to ensure a person passes the necessary state exams. Anybody looking to have the write information given to you in order to PASS your exam just click and get your learn on...
Ed writes:
Thank you for the prompt service. The course has been terrific and I believe you have created a formula for online training that will be a leader in your industry for years to come. As I grow in my new career I intend to stay with PLT for all my training and CE's.
Raymond writes:
Roberto writes:
Andy F. writes:
Hello PLT Staff and Instructors: Thanks very much for a well-constructed and thorough pre-licensing educational program. I took my California P&C Broker-Agent exam today and passed on the first try. YOUR quiz questions were an excellent preparation source for the actual exam; in fact, many of the quiz questions demanded a higher level of comprehension of the material than the state exam. I'd recommend that anyone who is considering an educational resource for their state exam take your course - very thorough and detailed. Best Regards, Andy F.
Penelope writes:
Five Stars!!
Cynthia Miller, MPA writes:
Such amazing service! UPS delivered my book about 30 minutes ago. This is so perfect for my study strategy. I also want to add to this praise in service is the speed at which I was able to talk to technicians yesterday when I needed assistance."Best regards
Lisa writes:
I just wanted to let prelicensetraining .com know that I just passed my health - life exam the first time! Your training course was most helpful and I was given good advice from one of the student support reps.I was told how to prepare for the exam by studying not just the quizzes but the EOS. Thanks alot. I am looking forward to my new " career" as a life agent!!!!!
Leonora M writes:
I am so grateful for the study materials, videos and crash course are an awesome tool! I studied a lot and understood the information but having them explained and the nuggets of wisdom we get especially from the lady teacher are awesome, she has a way of explaining that just takes it to a whole new level of understanding. On September 29 I took and passed The Property and Casualty Broker/Agent and Ethics, I decided to purchase the Life Only and A&H since much of the information was still fresh in my mind today 10/21/2020 I took and passed the test, thanks to the wonderful teachers the knowledge the instructor shares after being in the industry 35 years is invaluable. Thanks a million! Nora :)
Debbie writes:
Just wanted to let you know I appreciate all your support and patients with all my questions. I passed the exam this morning in Clovis. Thank you PLT!
Kristina writes:
I did my actual course work requirements with another online course; but after finishing the course and doing the other company's "cram session" I was not feeling well prepared for the state exam. My supervisor recommended your study hall package... I am so happy that I spent the money for the study hall. I ran through a practice quiz from a few different categories each day (minus new years) of my available 7 days. Some of the material that the quizzes included had been glossed over by the other company. Thanks to the study hall, I went into the state exam feeling well rounded and better prepared. I walked out of the exam site with a passing score of 82%!!! And that was without me practicing all the quizzes available in the study hall! Thanks for being part of my successful beginning to my new career.
John writes:
Just wanted to thank you for all your help in regards to the class. I used the on-line training and it worked!!! I took my P & C test on 02/01 and my Life Combo on 03/17. I passed both on the first try thanks to your class.Thanks.
Tammi M. writes:
I was so nervous about taking my classes on the computer but I took a chance thinking at least I would complete my training I went to take my exam after completing my training!! After taking my classes I felt so confident the day I took the test the I was through so fast I still had almost an hour so I went to the proctor and passed my test the first time!!! Thank you Prelicense training!! After passing my life health and accident test I felt so confident with prelicense training I decided to get my personal lines as well and passed my first time as well!!! If you are scared don't be prelicense training gives you everything you need to pass and be knowledgeable in the insurance field
Julie writes:
I can't believe how quick Student Support emailed me back my answers to my questions and I absolutely loved the instructor on the FC videos. She is truly a great teacher. I passed last Friday with an 89%! Thank you Thank you!
Makilah writes:
I just passed my Life A/H test with a score of 89.3%. The Study Hall really was the key.
Marquelle writes:
Thank you for your video cram course. I passed my test again on the 1st try. I took your classroom course about 10 years ago but I let my Lic expire when I changed jobs. Now that Im back :) I knew just where to go. The online option was very helpful and just as efficient. Your course will always come highly recommended to anyone looking to get lic. Thank you and your great staff
Matthew writes:
Thank you! I read or listened to every part of the books, took notes, watched every video cram (which is a must in my opinion) and took all of the practice tests. Take full length practice tests and review your wrong answers. A lot of them are similar to the real one. Passed P&C and Life, A&H in exactly 21 days from starting prelicensetraining. Good luck to everyone.
E. Parker writes:
Just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for your help. I passed both my Life and my P&C exams on the first try. The thing that helped the most was Study Hall, with all of the tests available and knowing what to expect made taking the real exam much less stressful. My advice to anyone else about Study Hall is just keep taking those exams over and over again until you score in the high nineties of above, and you should go in and do very well on the real exam. My wife who took her P&C exam several years ago was jealous about Study Hall. She said it would have saved her a lot of stress. Now she is thinking of signing up with PLT to get her Life license as well.Thanks again PLT!
Anna writes:
amazing, 100% recommend
Dennis Bruggman. writes:
Thank you, Thank You. The courses enabled me to pass the CA Life, accident and health exam on the first time. I would suggest using all the tools offered to help pass. the Video Cram Course and Study Hall Exams brought it all together just before taking the exam.
Gabe Meier writes:
Well did it again! I purchased the Property & Casualty exam prep along with study hall and Videos to help prepare me even more. I just passed the P & C exam, although I will say it was more difficult than the Life and Health exam as there was much more information and topics covered. I suggest taking notes or using's notes area to help jog memory while studying. I will be purchasing the Series 6 and Series 63 exam prep. They have helped me this far, why use anybody else? Thank you
Steven writes:
I watched all the videos one time and read the book once, and reviewed the book twice. Passed this exam with an 80% on the first try. Thus far I have done Life Combo & Commercial with PreLicenseTraining, and passed both exams on the first try comfortably.
Anthony Snead writes:
Easy to use, very good results and very accommodating. I would always come back here.
Roger Kim writes:
I have been a returning patron for several years now. They have up-to-date information, audio files and videos.
Wendy writes:
I was in a panic, but the 40 hour P&C class, and 12 hour ethics class was informative and the cram course and practice tests got me ready to pass on the first try! So relieved. She did a great job of preparing me.
John Coffin writes:
I have not sit for the insurance exam. as of yet. But I like the flexibility this course offers. Gotta go now, time to study!
Adarsh writes:
Very good course, especially the video cram course. It helped me a LOT to pass the exam in flying colors!
Janine Anderson writes:
I did it! I passed, thank you, you are awesome!
Yvonne writes:
I took the A&H course and C&E course with audio book option. I highly suggest those of you who are taking the exam soon to go through the Video Cram Course section (download the pdf study guide and do all the quizzes), it was very helpful! I passed the exam the first time, thanks to Prelicensetraining!
Filipe H writes:
I passed today!! Very good course, Thank you!
Anna writes:
Five Stars!
Gina Becerra writes:
I found this programs most informative. It has enabled me to achieve my goal of selling insurance. I recommend this program to everyone serious about a career in insurance. You too will find the information most informative.
Steven writes:
Great Course, passed the final exam on my first try!!
Jill writes:
5 stars!
Katherine writes:
Thank you after purchasing the study hall I passed. It was my third time taking the test I used a different school. But when I purchased study hall the test was a breeze for me. Thank you so much.
Bill writes:
I just wanted to thank you for the class and the Study Hall. I passed the CA exam on the first try and I would not have been able to do it without the tools you provide. Thanks Again!
Rosio writes:
excelent cource, thank you very much you make our life easier
Esterlina M. writes:
English is my second language, using helped me understand well the course, the presentation is simple. the cram course helped me too, during my review. i passed the exam first time i got 85.3%.
Kassie writes:
Another FIVE stars!!
Guadalupe writes:
5 stars!
Rosa Oliva writes:
This training is very usefull and gonna help in taking the test thanks for you support.
Young writes:
Course was very simple and organization. Thank you.
Christopher writes:
Excellent study course. I passed my actual test on the first attempt.
Shantel writes:
You guys have a great system for teaching what will be on the exam. The cram course and study hall were very effective in driving all that information home in an organized, efficient, and fun way! I just finished taking my exam at the Sacramento location and passed on my first try. Thank you so much PLT!
Sue Yang writes:
It was really helpful, and easy to understand. Highly recommanded!
Laura Smith writes:
The Prelicense Training was thorough, but the book was essential. In particular the Study Hall was FABULOUS. I would recommend it to anyone !!.Thank you.
Luis writes:
I passed my test yesterday. In fact, many of the questions that were on the test were the ones that I studied the day you extended the course. Thank you so much!!!!!
Reginald writes:
I just want to 'Thank You' for the great training. I passed my Property & Casualty State Exam Friday, March 4th with your help. Keep up the great work.
Maria writes:
very easy and helpful I highly recommend it
W.M. writes:
Thanks! I knew nothing about insurance before I used your website! I took your online course, Study Hall, and Cram Course. I just passed my Personal Lines exam. The first time I took it! I shopped around when looking for an online course. Your prices are great, and obviously your courses work!
Jeremy writes:
5 Stars! Thank you!
S.S.Shafik writes:
Hello , I want to share with you guys that I passed my life , accident and health exam last night , I went to the exam location in riverside , Califoria yesterday from 6 to 9 pm thanks for the good materials you provided for that course. Happy Holidays !!
Steven writes:
For me, the proof is in the pudding / results. In a span of one month I took (1) Commercial Insurance Only; (2) Life, Health & Disability; and (3) Property & Casualty. Prior to this I had zero days experience in the insurance market. I watched all the videos, read the book once, reviewed it a few times..... That is it. I passed all three tests on the first go. Most questions felt like a review. Steve Muehler
Emelia A writes:
Hello! Just want to say that I passed my exam...YAY! I really like the program that you offer, if only I would have gone though the courses like you suggested I would have passed the exam on the 1st try but I didn't. What did work for me on the 2nd time around for studying, I did pass my "finals" with 80% or better but then the video cram with workbook just sealed it for me (which I didn't do the 1st time around). I will totally recommend your program! Have a great day!
Michael D. writes:
It was great, I flew thru the exam. The test was a bit easier than the practice ones I took with PLT. So better to prepare with harder material.
Mario writes:
5 Stars!!
Nathaniel writes:
I took the Life-Only study course back in 2008 and passed the exam on my first try! I felt that the material presented on the study course was clear, accurate and was a great preparation for the test! So, when I wanted to take the Accident and Health exam last month, I signed up with again. Guess what? I passed the test on my first try again! I can't say enough about! Thank you!
Jon writes:
Not sure if you guys post testimonials but I followed the 15 day suggested schedule exactly as planned and passed yesterday on my first attempt. You guys truly have a great system. My brother was told to use another company which was double you price and he has failed twice. I signed him up for your StudyHall today. THANKS!
Pelumi Badmus writes:
Yes, your course training and study hall Exams practice is the best! I passed at my first attempt. Pelumi.
Jeffrey writes:
5 stars!!
Scott writes:
Took the P & C exam. Passed on the first try with flying colors! Thanks to your comprehensive textbook and Video Cram course. I couldn't have passed without it! 5 Stars!
Maria writes:
All good!
Jason writes:
Five Stars!!
Mahan writes:
Passed 1st time after practicing with this test!
Roxana Samano writes:
I took the course, study hall and watched the video cram and passed on my first try!
Yvette Yerena writes:
Hello, my name is Yvette Yerena, ive been very stressed about this test, specially because i could get fired if i dont pass. i want the continuing education course because even if i do get fired i want to continue being licensed without my employer. Thank you for this opportunity.
Carolinda writes:
Yay! I passed! Not only was tuition the most affordable, but the entire experience was stellar. Every time I called or emailed, I received a professional courteous response. The lady who did the videos is AMAZING - she is very engaging, and makes the material interesting while not detracting from the EO, very personable. Thanks!
Khanh writes:
I give 5 stars.
Tracy writes:
I have to say you were right I passed on the first try. And just a note to anyone that is thinking about signing up for this course, is take the advice of study , study and study it really made a difference in understanding the concept. Purchase the books and study hall too it is a great study tool. Thank you
Scott Doetsch writes:
I passed my P&C Broker/Agent exam with flying colors! Used the hard copy book, online course and practice tests. The hard copy book was crucial to my success. Thank you for your support.
Shawn J writes:
I went through the 52-hour Life Agent Combo course and passed my exam on my first attempt with 84.7%! Study the materials, and you are sure to pass! Thank you!
Pamela writes:
I have successfully passed my Life Agent Combo License test on the 1st try. Between the course, study hall and CRAM it worked
Conchita writes:
Frederick writes:
Five Stars!
Jorge Morales writes:
I am grateful that my boss was willing to paid for my class! However, I never took a online course but since "" allowed me to fully understand the concept and preparation for the next step. I will continue to forward reference about this site.
Olga A writes:
5 Stars!!
ANA ALVA writes:
I'm happy with this course its fantastic can go to the main point thou the test i can read and understand, the book its fantastic , because can save on my main , thanks, prelisence training, I will recommend to my friend and relatives. Thanks very much
Ashley writes:
Great course- I passed my test on the first try on 11/17/16
Herson Royce writes:
Easily accessible and straight forward.
Dina writes: is awesome and I totally loved the FC instructor. The StudyHall practice exams were so helpful. I did the 15 day plan of attack and passed my test on the first try. Thank you so much!!
Tyrone Perkins writes:
Oh Yeah!!! :) Passed my Property & Casualty exam!! Thanks!! You guys rock!! Now taking my Life Agent combo.. Love the way you guys enhanced the site. I see tons of people who went to a class and are on their 5th try at the testing center. The first time I took the test I admit I was having a bad when I took it the second time i knew I had it. Thanks PLT and see you in the big leagues!! :) Ty Perkins
Nancy writes:
It helped me a lot to be able to identify the different types of codes and in the next course of the personal lines. Thank you very much!! 5 stars!
Roberto writes:
Great Program!!
Christine F. writes:
The advice to concentrate on definitions and concepts rather than focusing on re-reading the entire sentence multiple times was a key component to my success. PLT also advised to beware of the test tricks, i.e. same question, same answer reworded three different times. I completed my training feeling ready for the exam AND confident that I would pass...and I did! First try 5/16/2016. Thank you PLT.
Nancy I writes:
Video cram & Study hall are the icing on the cake. It's a refresher from everything you studied beginning to end. There are things you learned in the beginning that you may have not remembered because it was 52 hours ago or several days ago. When you go through the video cram course you have the ah-ha moments because it helps you remember the material and it seems to make more sense. When you enter study hall it's great practice so that you're ready for the exam. Good Luck to you, I passed my test the first time!
Imara writes:
The overall course is a 4 star if only it had additional exams to see where you can improve on or also a test like to prepare you for the actual test overall good!
Taylor writes:
Highly would recommend! Took the P&C cram course right before my actual test and passed first try! This was so helpful and worth the $.
Michael writes:
Took the Life/A&H exam yesterday and passed with a 91%. I was really nervous until about the 5th question. But by then, I just kept reading the questions and knowing the answer each time. Took me about 1 1/4 hours to finish. The cram session videos really helped as did the study hall exams. Don't turn these on until you have a date scheduled and can use both of these for the seven days leading up to your exam. Thanks so much for helping me land my new job!
Michael L. writes:
The test is not easy and tricky... without PLT, I couldn't pass the Life and P/C test at my first try... I highly recommend StudyHall and make your money worth. I will definately be back for the CE class.
Kevin writes:
Awesome training!
Luis writes:
This course though me a lot its really straight forward course well explain.
Breanna writes:
Gives 5 stars!
Jeffrey writes:
I passed the test the first try, and I believe this cram course is the reason why. Thankful I don't have to do it again. Thank you!
Issac writes:
Good Clear material. Great Job
David S writes:
I took this course for both my personal lines licensing and my Commercial lines Licensing as well to be able to upgrade my license to Full P&C license. it was awesome! I passed the exam on the first try and actually walked away from the course with a lot of knowledge. I will be getting a life license in a few months and I know for sure Ill be coming back to PreLicenseTraining to take the course and prepare for the exam.
Elayne writes:
Passed the exam today.......... The course was very good!! Cram helped immensely!!
Felicia H. writes:
Hello Prelicensetraining! Great news! Thanks to your classes, I have successfully past both the P&C and A&H exams. Thank you for providing such an awesome resource. Best wishes,
Doug writes:
Your course is really really good. All four of my employees went thru the course and passed on their first attempt with your material. They had all taken the exam before and failed with another company. Thanks for coming to the rescue and thanks for your help throughout the process.
Alejandro Corona-Mora writes:
This service is seriously awesome, I wouldn't go with anyone else!
David White writes:
Passed the test with flying colors! Thanks! Your materials are excellent and your method certainly worked for me.
Peter writes:
I was weary about this course at first. The 52 hour required course material for a CA P&C license was full of legalese pulled straight from the CIC which made it difficult to comprehend and retain a lot of the material on the first-read. HOWEVER. once I got tot he video cram course and the practice exams, the information that I had floating around in my head really became concrete knowledge and without the foundation (raw text) I would have never learned the material as well as I did. I'm fresh out of my exam where I passed on my first try. Thank you!
Astrid writes:
5 *****
Steven C writes:
Passed the Life Agent + Accident and Health exam on the first try. The content, audio and video worked in concert to prepare me for the exam! I will now begin the P&C training.
Ken writes:
Just wanted to say Thanks for the great web site. I took the F/C from another company and didnt pass. I felt i needed more information so i used your Study Hall for a few weeks. It was the best investment. I took my exam on Friday and passed. I feel the information from your Study Hall helped more than the other company. Thanks
Young writes:
It is the best course for studying insurance course.
Felixia writes:
This course is straight forward. The quizzes definitely helped after each section.
-Paul A. writes:
Passed my test with an 80% score thanks to this service. Live chat is great to have, courses are laid out well, the exam testing in study hall is slightly more difficult than the exam itself which is a plus for me. Very satisfied with the cost and ease of access, Will do my continued education with this company as well.
Carl H writes:
I took the Life and Health Agent combo-course. Read the online course book and read the cram course book. Passed the test on the first try in 37 minutes. Great instructional materials.
J Cummings writes:
I couldn't be more pleased with the results after my test. I took the Life only exam and passed with an 85% correct. I wasn't the best of students when I was in High School. The course made it easy with the great test tips and quizzes which were the key for me. There are many subtle tricky questions you might not be ready for if it weren't for this course forcing you to pay very close attention.
Shannon K writes:
Woohoo! I just took the test and passed this morning :) I am CERTAIN that my time in Study Hall is absolutely to thank for this--the sample exams SAVED me! Thank you for such a great course and instructors.Also, I really appreciate the timely manner in which the certificate of the 52 hours of online training was submitted. I had to get all of this done with a Speedy Gonzales quickness and utilized your "15 Day Schedule" which worked perfectly.
James F. writes:
Thank you! I passed the test on Saturday. I failed the first time. I really feel the reason I passed was due to your video cram. Also on the test are questions on tort feasers.
Kristina D writes:
Thank you for your training. I needed Commercial only. This was the only one that had it by itself. Your training was the best. All the quizzes, exams, video cram questions were spot on. I passed with a 90%. I was completely prepared for the exam. I have used you before for life and health. I highly recommend their training. If you follow their plan, you will pass.
Joanna Govea writes: is definitely #1, they make it so easy for you to pass your test the first time. With the easy to use dashboard, all of your study materials are easily accessible. I really like the videos and audios too, they are an excellent feature for all different learning styles. is so easy to use! Thanks! I couldn't have done it without you! Joanna
Ryan E writes:
More than just a class for me! I am legally blind and had sat for hours in a classroom before but because I couldn't read along and I couldn't pause the class and I couldn't see the quizzes I wasn't ready for the test and I failed miserably. Once I found PLT I was able to study, learn and pass my personal lines exam. Now I'm going back for my commercial lines license as well as my accident and health! Thanks PLT for enabling me and giving me the opportunity you've given me.
Maria writes:
It was a very good experience getting prepared for this exam, the Studyhall Practice Exam Center plus My video Cram Courses made easier to pass the exam the very first time.
Jesse writes:
easy and comprehensible.
Zahra writes:
Thanks to prelicense training system, I passed the test at my first try. Your system really work(s).
Ferenc writes:
Recently I've completed 52 hours of on line training with you guys. I passed the exam. I will recomend You Guys To anyone! Thanks!!!!!!
Rosa Hurtado writes:
Taking those courses on line is very helpful for my because I can take those in my house, I can stay with my children and I learn on my own speed.
James writes:
I passed my Life and Health exam for California!! Thank you!!
Erik writes:
I just wanted to say that your course and practice exam were every thing your web site promised. I just took my life and health exam and passed within one hr. I was surprised how many of the actual questions on the exam were actually so close to the ones on your practice exams.
Danya Xiong writes:
I bought life agent class online by my friend's recommendation. After two months study, it's really helpful and useful for me. Finally I passed my life agent test and got license, really thanks for
Jeff writes:
I just wanted to say that your course was awesome. It was my first online course and first attempt at learning insurance. I knew nothing about insurance and am coming from a different field. I finished the Life Agent Combo course in about 30 days and signed up for the Study Hall. After a couple days of taking the practice exams I scheduled my real exam and passed it. I'm now looking forward to a new career in the insurance world. Thanks for the wonderful wealth of info and an extra thanks for the Study Hall....
Gladys Alano writes:
I just wanted to say "Thanks PTL, I passed my exam on the first try!" I took the "Life-Only," exam today and your on-line program helped me tremendously. The StudyHall exams were great in preparing me for the test and I will definitely recommend others to use PLT!! My sincere thanks!
Xin writes:
I pass the life a&h insurance exam today. Thanks a lot! I'd love to recommend to my friends for sure!
R. Atwal writes:

I want to say thank you for the great learning material and online resources. It was money well spent!

I took the state P&C exam last Friday and passed it on my first try after completing your 40 hour P&C prelicensing course. The material is well organized and complete. I used the printed manual as well as the study hall and video cram course. All were great resources and definitely helped me to pass the exam!

I will recommend your course to others when I am asked about what I did to study for and pass the exam. Keep up the great work!
Ashley B writes:
I took the Property & Casualty course with the workbook and passed on my first try! I got the same score on my test as I did on the PLT practice test. Great job PLT!
Tammy L writes:
Due to COVID, I had to reinvent myself after 25 years in the same profession. Getting my P&C license was NOT easy for me. Here's what worked for me: studied 4-5 every day for about 38 days straight, watched the videos on each section while reading along, took notes in a Word doc (which was GREAT as I could search for topics to highlight and study further), no book used whatsoever, my notes were 112 pages! The study hall and video cram need more than 7 days unless you are doing 8 hour days, which I mentally could not. This was extra tough as I am a question person, and there are no live instructors at this time. I did email them questions, and they did get back to me with detailed answers. Sometimes the response was slow, but I know Covid has probably changed their work environment too. I passed the first time with 78%! I am stunned as I really struggled with the material. Good luck! You CAN do it!
Steven writes:
Took the course over two days, took the exam a week later. Only studying I did was read the book twice, and reviewed my highlights a few times. I never did any of the reviews, never did any of the flashcards, and I still passed the exam first try with an 81%. The book was spot on with almost all 68 questions, I was never confused, and there was really nothing I had not seen before. The course is spot on. Steve
Anthony writes:
I would like to say thank you for everything. It is a great feeling to know you have passed doing it the right way, I believe that your site has everything that a person could need or want. I will always tell a friend or anyone about your site, and If I can pass any one can pass using your site.
Patricia writes:
Just letting you know that your StudyHall practice exams are right on. I don't think I would have passed without using the StudyHall. I highly recommend all students to use the StudyHall before taking their exams. Thank you and God bless you.
Ruben writes:
SO FAST! Very easy to understand! Course Instructor is very informative and witty! she gives you great advice and tips on how to pass the exam!
Josue writes:
So easy to manage always on my free time
Michelle P. writes:
OMG! Thank you! I passed on the 1st Time! The materials were very informative and the tools you provided were easy to follow and too understand. The level of customer service and support was excellent. I am graciously thankful for your support and educational tools!
Victor writes:
The course was very thorough and prepared me for the California Insurance Exam. I also signed up for the Study Hall and the Video Cram Course. I am happy to say that I took the Test in Los Angeles and PASSED IT!!!!
Cameron South writes: was easy and informative. When I needed help they were right there to guide me through. I have used other services in the past, but I only you this one from now on!
Desiree writes:
W. Carey writes:
Thanks to your format and study hall I passed the test with flying colors... They would not let us know our score? Just if we passed or failed... So I will assume the best.Thanks again...
Vibhangi A. writes:
I just love the way course and quizzes are put together and we can't go further until we score 100%. That way you need to know all the answers. So far I have been successful in all the exams I have taken. I would definitely recommend the Prelicense training courses to everyone in the insurance industry.
Joel writes:
I took the CA Life Agent Combo exam and passed on the first try! Your program (especially the practice exams) accurately prepared me for the exam. Thanks PLT!
Jessica F writes:
I had absolutely no faith I was going to pass my property/casualty exam first try, but I did! I could not have done it without this site. The study hall and video cram course saved my life! I would recommend this site for anyone wanting to become licensed. Thank you for everything!!
Michael writes:
outstanding courses
Mack O. writes:
Just to let you know that I passed the Life Agent Combo Exam on [3/30/12]. It was my first time to take the exam. Thank you.
James S. writes:
Wonderful instructor on the Life and Health Combo...great personality! Passed both tests with 85%. I will be back for CE and PC in the next few months If you listen exactly to what they say, and do it, you will pass any exam your preparing for..Thank You Again
Brian G writes:
I took my Life Agent exam today and passed. For anyone reading these testimonials, this prelicensing course is awesome. With the way it is structured i can fully see how you can guarantee to pass on the first try. Thank you!
Eric W writes:
I just passed the life only this morning with a 96%. As I was answering the questions, I thought wow this is EASY! This is because I studied. I went through all your videos and also purchased the $40 Final tests that are timed. I probably over studied, but hey I passed and it's done! Here are what I remember when I came out of the exam. Hope it helps. Thanks
Chazity writes:
very easy and informative. This was a great refresh
Desiree writes:
I just wanted to to thank you for your amazing program. I took my test for the first time last Wednesday and PASSED! I am so excited! My husband paid over $500 to go to a two week class and has taken the exam twice and still has not passed your program is way more affordable and effective! I am looking forward to getting my email stating my license has been approved and getting to work! Thanks again for putting together an effective training program!
John writes:
Excellent course.

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