Updated material for 2019!
Our Course List - Series 6/63 Package
Prelicensetraining.com has partnered with STC (Securities Training Corporation) to bring you an exclusive online 6/63 training combination package.

Why STC is the leader in Series 6 & 63 Training

  • STC has superior products, as we have better insight on what can be expected on the exam.
  • Our Instructor Hotline answers more calls than any competitor, not only responding to content-related questions, but also offering individualized study plans.
  • Our Series 6 material is always fresh and up-to-date, reflecting the very latest FINRA rule changes.
  • Our 63 content is consistently updated to reflect the NASAA Outline.
  • Our tracking helps students and firms pinpoint areas of weakness with internal metrics.
  • Our content is written and taught in a user-friendly fashion and can be used by someone without a Financial Industry background.
  • Consistent class presentations with content students have come to trust.